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02 L1 Kitchen | Dining | Laundry | Kids bedroom

For the trivial detail we remember as children.


Apartment 1

Pandan Valley, Singapore - 2022

This is a 1,173sqm space for family of 5 ; husband, wife and three young kids.


The spaces were designed with the routines of the day in mind, for little spring of playfulness around the house, hearty gatherings and for each to still have a quiet space to retreat into.

Photo 10-12-22, 9 32 16 AM.jpg

01 Nesting kitchen drawers in birch plywood

02  Stainless Steel Countertop and backsplash

Photography by Cantfindthis

03 Carrot Handles

04 Laundry Area

Laundry area opens up to let light into bedroom 2 and doubles up, sometimes as a play area or secondary powder room for kids to prep for the day.

05 Kid's Bedroom

To retreat and hide away;

for privacy, for contemplating,

for reading a book, for hide and seek.

Photo 10-12-22, 1 13 05 PM.jpg

06 Entrance Alcove

School bag | Swim bag | his bag | her bag

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