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afterlife etiquette

Installation at Sceneshang Flagship Store, 2016

MANNERS MANNERS is a body of work based on the behavior of botanical pieces as it dries/wilt.

The process of withering is distinctive to its surrounding conditions and the inherent structure of the piece.

Curls folds, browns into characteristic articles that are almost humanistic in its posture; ultimately reaching a state of quiet equilibrium.

The technique of arranging  in the form of a mobile grew out of the desire to have viewers read its posture singularly, as well as in relationship to the other connecting pieces and the negative space within.

Different spatial experience is created as the mobile oscillates.

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At the base is a block of green florist foam which I relish in the thought of the mobile being unbalanced at first, brought back to equilibrium by soaking the sponge into water.

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Scale & Quanitifiers

A bouquet a branch

A leaf

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