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DRIP - Brew Coffee Set

A collaboration between

Takenouchi Webb and Kozangama for KYO Project


2017 - Drip Set  /  2019 - Serving Bowls

Showcased & Retailed at theArtling

With one of Kozangama's signature matt-white glazing. We designed a coffee set family consisting of 2 cups, 2 small dishes, a drip funnel and a coffee pot, milk jug and sugar bowl.

The second installment of the collaboration extends the collection to tableware of large plates and serving bowls.

Kohiki Glaze.jpg
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02_Drip 4.jpg


Drip Funnel was designed to also retail separately.


Kohiki typically refers to an iron-rich clay body covered over with white slip and then a translucent glaze

01_Cup 1.jpg
Glaze Kohiki.png
Glaze Kohiki w texture.png


Coffee Pot - 170H  137W  85D

Cup - 80H 172 Dia

Drip Funnel - 83H 100 Dia

Plate - 10H 110 Dia

Sugar bowl - 40H 70 Dia

Milk Pourer - 80H 60 Dia

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